Thursday, September 5, 2013

Leah's Funny Words

I posted a few of Colin's funny words that we have to translate and couldn't think of any that Leah has.  Well, we have a new one!  She has a cute little pink toy poodle that she calls her "noodle".  She also calls wasps "waffles".  Leah also can't say her "L's" or "R's" so when she wants something she "wee-ya-wee wee-ya-wee wants or yuvs it".  I love it.  It is so darn cute I will not be the one to correct them and I hope they don't outgrow these words anytime soon!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Favorite Words

So Colin has a couple words that are code for other words that I love hearing him say.

"waffles" = wasps
"han-i-tizer" = hand sanitizer <- catch="" i="" might="" on="" p="" really="" think="" this="">

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jesus Take the Wheel

Colin and I were playing with his trucks the other day.  He had three and asked me which one I wanted to play with.  To help with my decision, he said "Jesus is driving this one, Joseph is driving this one, and Spider Man is driving this one".  LOL.  I picked Jesus to drive for me! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Nanny

So Colin and Leah have the most wonderful, terrific, awesome nanny ever.  Her name is Naomi and we met her through a friend at church.  She started out just watching them one day a week and then 3 full days and one afternoon and now she is full time when they are not at their mother's day out preschool program which is two days a week.  They absolutely love her and she does them too.  She is like their big sister.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  She takes them to movies, splash pads, the mall playground, the zoo with other friends they know from church, all kinds of fun activities.  They used to be able to go with her to our church since she worked there two days a week buuuuut the rules changed and since they're not blood relatives they weren't able to go anymore so she quit lol.  She is just wonderful and we don't know what we'd do without her!

Terrific 3's

Well the 3's are definitely an awesome age.  They are just full of personality and this has been such a great year.  Leah is sweet and sassy.  That girl has att-i-tude!  I am so looking forward to the teenage years with her since we already argue about what she's going to wear out in Leah we cannot wear a bathing suit everywhere ;).  Colin is my big helper.  He apparently takes the being oldest by 3 minutes thing very seriously because he is such the "big" brother.  He is a little bossy but more just in charge in general.  He is my right hand man when daddy is working late especially with our foster baby who is now 11 months old.  We are both potty trained.  Colin wears a pull up at night but that's it - yay!! 

We recently went to Disney World!!!  Oh my gosh that was so awesome!!  I can't wait to go back and the kids ask about it frequently.  Definitely needed more time to see everything but we had a great time while we were there and it was also nice to enjoy some beach time after Disney.  We bought a minivan (which I swore we'd never do) and took it on vacation and love it.  Like literally cannot imagine life without it now.  Crazy.  We were looking at it and talking about cargo space and automatic sliding when did we get so old?

We've managed to have a few nights for just mommy and daddy thanks to Meemaw and PaPa :).  Last weekend we went to a wedding for my friend, Tarrah, in Columbia.  As in Columbia, Missouri.  Yeah I was a little nauseous walking around all the black and gold and tiger paraphenalia all weekend.  The jayhawk in me wanted to run but the wedding was beautiful as was the bride.

Brad works a TON of hours so it's me and kiddos a lot.  It's amazing at 3 what big helpers they are already.  They are such good kids which leads me to prayer time.  I think bedtime is my favorite time and not just because they're getting ready to go to sleep.  They each get to pick a book that we read and then read some stories from their Children's Bible and then they each take turns saying prayers and we give hugs and kisses and then they go to sleep (well sometimes the last part about sleeping is delayed but that's always the plan at least).  They say the SWEETEST prayers.  Leah is always thankful for the beautiful flowers, sun, rainbows, and other items in nature.  She is also often thankful for the beautiful princesses, Mommy, Daddy, Colin, our foster baby (can't name names), and our new puppy Belle.  Colin is thankful for everyone as well and also thanks God for things like the new lock for our gate, his toys, the beautiful blueberries, the sun, and asks that everyone has a great night of sleep and a great day tomorrow.  Love love love bedtime prayer time at our house.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cereal Princess

Leah would eat dry cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we would let her.  Literally it's all the girl wants to eat now.  It's not (always) the unhealthy stuff either.  She loves mini shredded wheats especially the strawberry ones.

The princess part comes in like this.  I believe this was my mom's doing but it's super cute.  When you ask Leah how to spell princess, she says "L-E-A-H".  Oh geez :).

What in the world?!

This is Colin's new favorite saying.  When we were at Disney World, Colin was laying in bed with me one night and I was rubbing his back before he went to sleep and this is our conversation:

Colin: "Mom, is that you?"
Me: "Yes, it's me sweetie."
Colin: "What in the world are you doing?"

Brad and I of course busted out laughing so needless to say sleep time was postponed...

My mom got a new car and brought it over yesterday and when she took Colin and Leah outside to go for a ride, Colin once again asked "what in the world?!"  That kid cracks me up.